What is LDII

what is ldii

Indonesia Institute of Islamic Dawah (Indonesian: Lembaga Dakwah Islam Indonesia) or LDII, is an independent social organization for study and research on Alqur'an and Alhadist. Dakwah is Arabic for religious proselytizing.

Indonesia Institute of Islamic Dawah, an independent civic organizations, official and legal follow the provisions of Law no. 8 1985 on Community Organisations, Article 9, paragraph (2), April 4, 1986 (State Gazette of 1986 number 24), including PP, and implementation. 18 in 1986 and Minister of Home Affairs Regulation No.. 5 1986 and other legal rules. LDII, have the Articles of Association and Bylaws, Work Program and Management from the Central level to village level. LDII already recorded in the Agency for National Unity and Community Protection Department of the Interior. LDII is a component part of the Indonesian Nation residing in the Republic of Indonesia Based on Pancasila and the Constitution 45.

Indonesia Institute of Islamic Dawah (LDII) established in accordance with the ideals of the pioneering scholars of the Muslims as a place to learn, practice and propagate Islamic teachings are based purely on the Alquran and Alhadith, the cultural background of the people of Indonesia, in the frame of State Unitary Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945.

LDII was founded in Surabaya, East Java, in 1972, but had its roots in 1941. LDII now has branches throughout Indonesia. LDII is viewed as a puritanical Islamic organization by the Indonesian Religion Department. The LDII requires its members not to touch the hands of the opposite sex who are not their mahram (mahram: a person whom you cannot mary) which is in accordance with several shahih hadiths.Women must cover themselves completely except for the face, hands, and feet. They also have to lengthen the headscarf/hijab to cover the chest.

Indonesia Institute of Islamic Dawah was first established on 3 January 1972 with the name of Islam Employee Foundation/Yayasan Lembaga Karyawan Islam (YAKARI). At Large Council in 1981, it was renamed to Institute of Islamic Employees/Lembaga Karyawan Islam (LEMKARI), and at the congress of 1990, based on Mr Sudarmono, SH speech briefing as Vice President and General Mr. Rudini as Minister of Home Affairs at that time, and good input at the meeting of plenary session of the commission and the trial in the Great Council LEMKARI IV in 1990, later the changes of name was specified in the decision MUBES LEMKARI No. IV. VI / MUBES-IV / LEMKARI/1990, article no. 3, which changing the name of the organization from Institute of Islamic Da'wah Employees, abbreviated as LEMKARI is accidentally the same as acronym of LEMKARI (Institute of Karate-Do Indonesia),converted into Indonesian Institute of Islamic Dawah (Lembaga Dawah Islam Indonesia), which is abbreviated as LDII.

Based on Article 12 Statutes LDII, LDII Organizational Structure consists of:

DPP = Legislative Center, located in Jakarta.

DPW = Provincial Representative Council of the Province, located in 33 provinces in Indonesia.

City Council / Kabutapen = Regional Representatives Council City / County, located in the City or District of the Province of DPW levels above it.

PC = Leadership Branch, located in District of the City Council / County on it.

PAC = Leader Child Branch, located in the Village of the PCs on it.

source : wikipedia

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